Culinary delights

Tasty symphonies that make the entire palate dance

Exciting anticipation awoken by the sight. Tingling expectations aroused by the aroma. The explosive blossoming of your taste buds upon the first bite – our Alpenrose cuisine is a sensual experience. Every day, our kitchen team creates new and enjoyable dishes that set fireworks off in your palate, constantly surprising you.

Tyrolean specialties and international delicacies combine to create extraordinary culinary highlights. It is the best of everything for our guests. Quality you can taste. Pleasure is therefore no temporary measure, but a lasting impression that creates beautiful “tasteful” memories of your wonderful holiday.


Regionality is a promise of quality

In order to create culinary delights for you, we rely on regionality. We know most of our suppliers personally and make sure that our products are of the best quality. Short transport routes and the sustainable cultivation of vegetables and fruit guarantee healthy freshness, together with animal husbandry that is appropriate to the species, meaning genuine enjoyment of meat, fish and poultry. We have been awarded the AMA gastro seal for the careful selection of our regional products.


You cannot argue about taste

Just as our guests are individual, so are their culinary preferences. We will be happy to discuss this and offer a tasty vegetarian menu and a detox vitality menu on a daily basis, in addition to the classic main dishes. On request we are also happy to fulfil special requirements and create vegan, gluten and lactose-free menus.


The highlights of our Alpenrose culinary offering are:


Extensive breakfast buffet with freshly prepared egg dishes
Lunch buffetwith fresh salads, crisp antipasti, warm dishes and sweet temptations
Afternoon buffet with coffee, homemade cake and spicy snacks
Multi-course dinnerin our cosy farmhouse rooms with a selection of different main dishes 
Dessert buffet in the evening with chocolates and cakes from our in-house patisserie
Free soft drinks all day long 
from the buffet and from the minibar

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