Cigar & Whisky Lounge – smoky aromas in a stylish ambience

The design flair, which is so characteristic of Tyrol, can be seen very clearly in the cigar and whisky lounge. The furniture pieces are a refined mix of minimalist lines with natural materials, such as domestic walnut. This lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a wide selection of fine tobacco products and to find your personal favourite from an exclusive range of whiskies and rums. Our sommeliers and the service team will be happy to advise you on the selection of cigars, cigarillos and other fine tobaccos. Of course, the staff team will also inform you about the different whiskies and rums on offer, so that the evening in our lounge comes to a particularly exclusive end. Enjoy these leisure hours, which are dedicated to that most beautiful facet of existence: time for yourself.

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