Your hosts at the Cocoon.

Your hosts at the Cocoon.

“We create an alpine regeneration station by inspiring our guests and employees and supporting their dreams, health and way of life”

Take modern tradition and down-to-earth innovation. Then add the hospitality and joie de vivre of our pampering specialists – that is what awaits you at the Wellnessresidenz Alpenrose, your alpine regeneration station on Lake Achensee in Tyrol. The outstanding is our standard. As we have achieved our goal of becoming a top-class Austrian wellness hotel, it is now time to go in search of new horizons whilst staying down-to-earth and upholding our traditional values.

Wellness becomes selfness. Passive enjoyment becomes an active experience. We will of course continue to pamper our guests at our usual high standards, but we will also encourage them to spoil themselves. By taking time for themselves. To reflect on thoughts and new ideas. To strengthen body and soul. To find a new beginning.

Wolfgang Kostenzer Snr. & Wolfgang Kostenzer Jnr.

Our values and ideals

We believe that true innovation must take everything into consideration. Nature provides us with resources and beauty that humans cannot imitate. We know and appreciate the value of our region’s natural richness with its majestic mountains, deep waters of Lake Achensee and valleys and humbly accept these gifts with gratitude. 

We endeavour to achieve a symbiosis with our environment. It starts with our large Residenz garden that provides a home to many indigenous animals and continues through to the many sustainable outings we undertake to show our guests the most beautiful and, in some cases, secret spots our region has to offer. 

Strong friends

Our partners

The region around Lake Achensee is an idyllic gem far away from mass tourism. We are very appreciative of the beauty of the lake and mountains and take great care to ensure we enter into a symbiosis with our surroundings. We make use of the leisure and regeneration options Lake Achensee has to offer and love to share this beautiful spot with our guests. Nature & region go hand in hand: We care for them and protect them as a valuable partner. Firstly, by making sure the CO2 footprint we leave behind is as small as possible and, secondly, by using regional products in every area of our work.

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