Alpine Botanic Garden

The lovingly well-kept hotel garden at the wellness hotel Alpenrose has much in common with an artist’s studio. Lush flowering plants represent skilfully placed splashes of colour from spring to autumn; luscious meadows create space for your own interpretations; artfully designed resting areas with luxurious sun-loungers are reminiscent of harmonious still life artwork. In winter a thick blanket of snow and romantic lighting invite you to engage in contemplation. Nature is our artist in residence. Its inimitable beauty is a source of strength and plays a major role in regeneration à la Alpenrose.

Our 800 square metre bathing pond is a natural masterpiece. Water lilies, reeds and crystal clear water are signs of a functioning ecological system whose harmony is transferred to our guests.

Our Kräuteralm adventure sauna world on its banks invites you to enjoy the benefits of healthy sweating induced by professionally prepared infusions. A valiant jump into the bathing pond is the perfect way to cool down after an infusion of mountain lake and music, glacier ice or alpine mountain salts.



Expansion of our garden to 12.000 m² 
By doing this we have the biggest alpine planted hotel-garden Austrias...

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