Cocoon ‘Stuben’ – cosy retreats for culinary delights

The Cocoon is where everyone feels completely at home. After all, there are four really cosy ‘Stuben’ that offer the perfect setting for exquisite culinary delights. The Ferdinandstube not only captivates with its special scent, but also slows down the rhythm of your heart. You can’t help but experience how good it is to dine here. The Gute Stube is a real feast for the eyes. Richly decorated with inlays, it is proof of the craftsmanship behind this elaborate work. The Adlerhorst Stube certainly has a story or two to tell from the good old days in Tyrol. The entire parlour is made of wood that used to have its place in the parlours of Tyrolean farms. No less beautiful and especially cosy is the Cocoon Stube in oiled old oak. No matter where you settle down to celebrate a wonderful evening, all of the Stuben at the Cocoon offer exclusivity and stylish design.

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