Your wellness holiday in Tyrol

Holidays at the Wellnessresidenz Alpenrose in Tyrol are as fragrant as a relaxing bath. They feel soft and light, like a gentle massage. They melt in the mouth – thanks to our extended half-board option. They are warm and caressing, balm for the soul. You will recall them as sparkling memories that add a touch of magic to everyday life. It is those simple things that make the Alpenrose on Lake Achensee so particularly well-loved: Is it the friendly smiles of our employees? Is it the loving attention bestowed upon every guest? Or is it the bright atmosphere where young and old, children and grown-ups find a little piece of home? It’s probably a little bit of all of them.

A new definition of wellness

Our values and ideals

Wellness means to be pampered, to relax, to simply let go – and so much more. We will make your holiday in Tyrol an experience with a lasting impression. Whether a restful wellness vacation or an active short trip: wellness is a physical and mental attitude that makes every holiday a new beginning. 

A spiritual place

Temple of Vitality

A spa and wellness landscape comprising more than 8,000 square metres and featuring various saunas, pools, infra-red vitality stations and resting areas offers an imaginatively designed space to let go and relax. Try a pampering massage, an exclusive beauty treatment or a beneficial bath to round off your wellness holiday. For a personalised wellness experience.

The source of all life and vitality.

Bathing facilities

Here in our pool area you can dive into the healing azure. The cool wet facilities in our spring garden are powerful yet gentle. The 23 metre long sports pool with a 10 metre outdoor section in the House of the Elements is an athletic challenge. A soothing bath in the saltwater pool beneath the open skies above the panorama terrace is beneficial to your health. The 800 square metre bathing pond in the hotel garden is a natural beauty. And water is a synonym for fun in the adventure water world for families.

The original. Since 1991.

The Beauty Farm

Our expertly trained beauticians and therapists dedicate their trained eye and conscientiousness to your beauty. They know exactly how to emphasise your natural assets and to pamper you from head to toe.<br/> <br/> Exclusive natural extracts, velvety oils and revitalising scents. Add to that skin that is super-soft to the touch. Let us pamper you with our superior care products of outstanding quality.

Fit & Fun House

Fitness & Sport

Today is the first day of your future life. Use it to make a fresh start. Like a car, your body also needs sufficient fuel to get going. Get your engine up and running and fill up with strength and energy at the Fit and Fun House by engaging in some light exercise and targeted movement.

Alpine Botanic Garden

Because the beauty of nature is inimitable

The spacious hotel garden with its 800 square metre bathing pond is the heart of our establishment and a masterpiece of nature.<br/> <br/> While the sun-loungers on the shore of our bathing pond invite you to relax, blooming exotic flowers and magnificent native trees and shrubs stimulate all your senses. 

Something for the eye

Art in the Residenz

You can find many of the most beautiful paintings and artefacts from the period of the Austrian Renaissance alongside Tyrolean folk art throughout the Alpenrose. Portraits by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, motifs from Kaiser Maximilian’s hunting book or antique Tyrolean craftsmanship in the public rooms.

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