The legendary sitting rooms

With a love of detail

Each one of our sitting rooms is unique. These inviting rooms are original replicas of Tyrolean rooms dating back hundreds of years and tell their own story. Follow in the footsteps of Andreas Hofer and Emperor Maximilian – coupled with modern comfort.


In summer our airy sun terrace and its beautiful natural backdrop will entice you to sit outside. The sun will set behind the striking Bear’s Head mountain while you dine, promising another wonderful day’s holiday tomorrow.

Team, it’s time…

Andreas Hofer Stube

…for a decent “marend” (Tyrolean for “hearty meal”). No doubt Austrian freedom fighter Andreas Hofer would not have complained about our multi-course dinner. But it has to be in true Tyrolean style, in the congenial farmhouse sitting room with original historic requisites.

Glück Auf!


The numerous cosy snugs and the rounded vault ceiling are reminiscent of the workplaces of the miners of Schwaz. Albeit with a little bit more luxury. After all, the silver they mined with so much effort from the mine in Schwaz has found its way into our decorations.

Simply congenial!

Speckbacher Stube

As a “spezl” (Tyrolean for: “friend”) of Andreas Hofer, Josef Speckbacher fought for Tyrol’s freedom on Bergisel mountain. The Lord’s Corner in our bright Speckbacher sitting room with its large window front reminds us of the guardian angel who had his hands full with this daredevil and “strizzi” (Tyrolean for: scallywag).

Caution! Holy!

Notburga Stube

Notburga is the patron saint of servant maids who stood up for the poor and weak at the beginning of the 14th century. The beautiful old ceramic oven in the Notburga Stube is as heart-warming as her courageous story.

By the way: The bones of Saint Notburga are put on display at the Notburga church in Eben on holy days of obligation.

For imperialists

Erzherzog Johann Stube

No ban for lateral thinkers. The ban to ever step foot in Tyrol placed on Archduke Johann by his brother Franz I after the failure of the Tyrolean revolution does not apply in our congenial wooden sitting room. The scent of wood and candlelight will no doubt have a stimulating effect on the mind and, of course, the appetite of any lateral thinker.

Would you like a little more?

Kaiser Maximilan I Stube

The pompous lifestyle of the Archduke of Austria and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire finds reflection in our Kaiser Maximilian sitting room. The extravagant candelabras, gold and crystal decorations and noble larch wood would no doubt have appealed to Kaiser Maximilian.

Caution! Top Secret!


Our Residenz sitting room is hidden behind the buffet. Which is not really fair, as it certainly doesn’t need to hide its beautiful wooden panelling, tiled oven and appealing baroque style furniture.


In 1887 the prelate of the Benedictine Monastery, Albert Wildauer, christened the first steam ship on Lake Achensee “St. Josef”. Whether the christening involved a bottle of bubbly is unknown. It would have been a shame as our prelate sitting room is a much more glamorous setting for drinking a glass of sparkling wine whilst looking out over the hotel garden.

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