Finding inner peace

Invigorating Massages

Because your body is the temple of your soul.
A massage with an in-depth effect on all levels.

Soin Profilift
with 1 therapist .
90 min
€ 120,-
Simultaneous with 2 therapists .
70 min
€ 150,-
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The innovative “Lifting-treatment” da il viso fra poco un lifting visibile

Gives your face after shortest time a visible “Lifting”. Special massage techniques make possible that the active substances get deep into the skin.
Nuad Phaen Boran
80 min
€ 98,-
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Increases mobility. Superficial and deep tension are relieved, and the body’s natural energies can once again flow freely.

Alpha Liege
25 Min
€ 15,-
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Tiefenentspannung pur.

Die Alpha Liege (im Fit & Fun House) ist ein multisensorisches Instrument, das durch das einmalige Zusammenwirken von Farben, Form und Licht mit Klang, Vibration und Wärme einen Zustand tiefster Entspannung hervorruft. Man fühlt sich körperlich und mental leicht und frei.
Massage with Balance Alpin 1000+
80 Min
€ 92,-
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The treatment begins by establishing your type using the BALANCE ALPINE 1000+ method.

You will be pampered with special warming or cooling massage oils that in combination with spagyric substances have an unusual soothing effect. The full-body massage will also relax your muscles and give you a sense of inner peace and harmony.
La Stone Massage
80 Min
€ 98,-
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The body’s 7 chakras are included in the treatment in order to
achieve a perceptible harmonisation of the flow of energy. It
loosens the musculature, increases the lymph flow, increases
the tissue metabolism, and calms the vegetative nervous system.
The basalt stones, heated up to about 50°C, and the cooled
marble stones, are gently applied to the entire body.
Kopf frei - Tiefenentspannungsmassage
50 Min
€ 69,-
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speziell für kopflastige und gestresste Menschen

Wirkt besonders im Schulter-, Nacken- und Kopfbereich. Die Muskulatur wird gelockert, Verspannungen gelöst und neue Energien freigesetzt.

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