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Knowledge of life.

A tradition based on trust in nature.

A way of life that strengthens you to the core.

75 min
€ 130,-
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Ayurvedic whole body massage

The whole body is oiled in even rhythms. Flat and circular massage techniques and massage of the pressure points stimulate the body’s cleansing function, activate the flows of energy and lymph, and lift the skin. Stimulates the blood circulation, has a positive effect on the nervous system, is good for rheumatic symptoms. A feeling of utter well-being.

50 min
€ 80,-
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The scalp and brow are gently massaged with a thin jet of lukewarm oil.

The nervous system and mind experience a sense of utter relaxation.

50 min
€ 80,-
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Ayurvedic foot massage

An extremely efficient foot massage which has an energising, revitalising effect on the entire organism. Using special tchniques, hot sesame oil is smoothed onto and massaged into de feet, calves and knees. Padabhyanga is an extremely relaxing application which has a rejuvenating, energising effect on the entire organism.

50 min
€ 80,-
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This special massage for the head, shoulders and neck literally lifts the load from your shoulders. Escape the drudge, forget time and space. This main purpose of this massage is to relax and soothe, yet is also beneficial as a skin care treatment.

Trouble and strife, indecision and cares are alleviated and relieved. The treatment greatly influences your inner self, sharpens your senses, improves eyesight and, via the indirect effect on the brain, can harmonise the rest of the organs.

Padabhyanga & Mukabhyanga
90 min
€ 120,-
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Ayurvedic head, neck and foot massage

We recommend: Shirodhara with Abhyanga
90 min
€ 120,-

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