The source of all life and vitality.

Bathing facilities

Here, in our pool landscape, you can dive into the healing azure. The cool wet stuff in our spring garden is powerful yet gentle. The 23 metre long sports pool with a 10 metre outdoor section in the House of the Elements is an athletic challenge. A soothing bath in the natural brine pool beneath the open skies above the panorama terrace is beneficial to your health. The 800 square metre sized bathing pond in the residence garden is a natural beauty. And water is a synonym for fun in the adventure water world for families.

The bathing pond

Our 800 square metre biotope pond is the heart of our beautiful residence garden. The sun-loungers on the sandy shores exude Caribbean flair, yet the pond is nonetheless reminiscent of a small, natural mountain lake. That could be down to the breath-taking mountain panorama that surrounds the pleasantly tempered bathing pond.

The Sports pool

Swim your lengths in the 23 metre long sports pool with its 10 metre outdoor infinity pool by candlelight and an open fire.

State of the art light design and Tyrolean home decor: reclaimed wood, Gothic beams and a large stone fireplace set the scene.

Spring garden

Gentle yet strong - these words best sum up the water in our relaxing spring garden swimming pool in the main house featuring an indoor and outdoor pool. Pearls of air from the massage jets tingle against the skin while the wet element demonstrates the extent of its power in the counter-current system and waterfall.

Natural brine grotto

A touch of the mystical. A lighted grotto set in Tyrolean rock. Float free in the water like in the Dead Sea. This is what our natural brine grotto, with its 34°C water temperature, is all about.

The mineral salts in the brine pool create pure well-being: your body relaxes, cell regeneration is enhanced and the detox process intensified. 

Panorama brine pool

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Tyrolean mountains from the brine pool on the terrace of our House of Elements. The health-promoting brine pool is ideal for colds, metabolic disorders, skin problems, allergies, sleep disorders and also simply to relax.

The water-world for the whole family

Our little guests will find the water in their very own pool a source of great adventure. Be it in the baby pool or kiddies’ pool, on the 110m tyre slide or playing with one of the many water games, fun and laughter are guaranteed every time.

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