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Alpenrose record

I love the water but please keep an eye on me at the same time!


Dear Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, the bathing pond and pool in the Alpenrose are among my favourite spots here. But I'm still little and so please: watch over me.


  • Please don't let me out of your sight when I'm playing in the Alpenrose garden. Even for a short period of time. The danger that I'll get too close to the water when playing is a real one.
  • Please put on my water wings even if I'm only playing on the water and even if I have already taken swimming lessons. Even when I am wearing the water wings, don't forget to supervise me.
  • We've left the water wings at home! Never mind. We can borrow them from the reception desk.
  • Please make sure too that I don't walk on any jetties that lead into deeper water. I could slip and fall into the water.
  • Please do not rely on the fact that there are plenty of other people around to take care of me. You are responsible for me and have a duty of supervision.
  • I know that I'm not allowed to jump into the bathing pond. But you must be mindful of this rule too. Even if I can swim, there is a considerable risk that the water could be shallow and I could hurt myself.
  • We all love the sunshine. But please protect my sensitive skin with an adequate sunblock and my head with a little hat or cap. If it's very hot, I might also become exhausted, in which case I should not go into the water. But please take care that the sun and heat don't become too much for yourselves either.
  • In the event of a thunderstorm, everybody should move away from the bathing pond and the pool. There is a potential risk of a lightning strike.
  • A bathing pond or pool can be dangerous for me in winter too. Even if the bathing pond is covered with ice, I must not, under any circumstances, be allowed to step on the ice because it can all too easily break. The same goes for you adults as well!